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Welcome at the Institute of Economic Policy

Members of the Institute

The Institute of Economic Policy is working on important topics of economic policy from a theoretical and empirical perspective. It consists of the two economic professorships for Theoretical Economic Policy and Social Policy (Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener) and for Applied Economic Policy (Prof. Dr. Stephan Thomsen).

The research of the Institute of Economic Policy deals with a number of topics in the area of eocnomic and social policy, for example, social security, inequality and redistribution, public economics, taxation, old-age provision, labor economics, economics of education, and economics of migration.

With regard to teaching, the institute gives lectures and seminars on basic fields of economics, on economic policy, and on several other advanced subjects (e.g., labor economics, public economics, economic theory).

The Institute for Economic Policy also includes the Center for Economic Policy Studies (Center für Wirtschaftspolitische Studien, CWS), which mainly carries out contract and project research financed by third-party funds. The CWS continues the competences and networks of the former Lower Saxony Institute for Economic Research (NIW).