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Research Center Establishment Panel Lower Saxony

Since 1994, the "Research Center Establishment Panel Lower Saxony" explores the labor market developments in companies of Lower Saxony. Since 2002, it annually informs economy and politics about employment trends in the state.

Founded by the professors Knut Gerlach, Olaf Hübler und Wolfgang Meyer, the research center has developed the "Hannover companies panel" from 1994 to 1997. This was an annual representative survey of companies to analyze the labor market in Lower Saxony. Around the same time (in 1993), a nationwide annual company survey was started by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg, the IAB Establishment Panel. However, initially it was not possible with the IAB panel to carry out state-specific analyses.

To obtain results for the state of Lower Saxony, the sample of companies from Lower Saxony was enlarged on the basis of the "Hannover companies panel" as from the year 2000. These data provide a unique information base to gain current insights into the economy of Lower Saxony, particularly into the demand for labor. The funding is provided jointly by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport (MW) and the IAB Nuremberg.

The task of the "Research Center Establishment Panel Lower Saxony" is the analysis of the data for Lower Saxony and the annual reporting of the results in the series of "Employment Trends in Lower Saxony". Thereby, important facts and analyses on the labor market of Lower Saxony are provided topically, representatively and permanently.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Stephan L. Thomsen, Dr. Ulrich Schasse