Seminar Accounting, Taxation and Innovation (379045)

Seminar: Accounting, Taxation and Innovation (379045)


General Details
Seminar title Accounting, Taxation and Innovation
Course code(s) 379045
Academic session SuSe 2021
Course availability Irregular
Course content The correlation between Accounting, Taxation and Public Policy and Innovation
Target group / area (Zuordnung)

MSc WiWi PO 2018: Area Economic Policy and Theory, Area Accounting, Taxation and Public Finance

Number of participants 20
Course language

Seminar: English

Seminar paper (written assignment): English
Location Internal seminar
Industry partner No
Timetable Block course
Completion of term paper During lecture period
Requirements and Academic Support
Objectives Students are able to understand and apply advanced methods of empirical economics. Students can document and discuss research insights.
Prerequisites -
Introductory course to academic research Recommended, see https://www.sk.uni-hannover.de/schreiben.html
Formal guidelines None
General literature -
Basic literature to introduce each topic Yes
Methodology Experimental economics, behavioral economics, empirical analysis, literature research
Specialised software None
Recommended word processing software No particular recommendation
Length of term paper 10 pages
Meeting(s) to discuss outline As needed
Performance requirements / evaluation  [indicate weighting]

60 % Seminar Paper (Group Grade)

25 % Presentation (Single Grade)

15 % Participation on Discussions (Single Grade, not applicable if no classroom event is possible at the given time)
Examiner(s) Prof. Dr. Marina Schröder
Contact person Nathalie Römer
Group Assignments and Topics
Group assignment Group work in teams of two is recommended, but is optional due to the current situation. The length of the term paper will be adjusted accordingly for individual work.
Group size 1-2
Group formation Preference-based and / or by random draw
Topics The list can be found here.
Assignment of topics Preference-based and in case of overlap by random draw.
Initial registration Pre-registration is requested by 15.04.2021 via online tool. (the link will be here)
Process Schedule
Initial registration / application Pre-registration is requested by 15.04.2021 via online tool. (the link will be here) The online tool is open for preregistration from April 1st. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, places will be allocated through a random draw.
Initial discussion / topic discussion / kick-off meeting April 22nd 09:15-10:45
Topic assignment On the kick-off date
Formal (binding) registration With the pre-registration you are bindingly registered for the seminar as long as the number of applicants does not exceed the number of places.
Commencement of seminar paper On the kick-off date
Submission of seminar paper July 24th
Submission of presentation The day before until 23:59
Presentation June 15th-17th 09:15-12:30