Seminar Ethics and Economics (379046)

Seminar: Ethics and Economics (379046)


General Details
Seminar title Ethics and Economics
Course code(s) 379046
Academic session SuSe 2023
Course availability -
Course content Ethics and economics
Target group / area (Zuordnung)

MSc WiWi PO 2018, Area Economic Policy, and Theory, Area Health Economics

Number of participants 20
Course language

Seminar: English

Location Internal seminar
Industry partner No
Timetable Block course
Completion of term paper During lecture period
Requirements and Academic Support
Objectives Students are able to identify and analyze ethical challenges in economic transactions and behavior.
Prerequisites Knowledge in empirical economics and English language skills
Introductory course to academic research Strongly recommended: the asynchronous, pre-recorded event "Introduction to Scientific Work" and further documents for self-study in German language will be uploaded to Stud.IP.
Formal guidelines Guide „Writing Scientific Papers (in German): https://www.ihe.uni-hannover.de/de/lehre/wissenschaftliches-arbeiten/
General literature -
Basic literature to introduce each topic Yes, will be provided
Methodology Behavioral economics, empirical economics, experimental economics
Specialised software None
Recommended word processing software No particular recommendation
Length of term paper 10 pages in groups of two; 5 pages in work alone
Meeting(s) to discuss outline Upon demand
Performance requirements / evaluation  [indicate weighting]
  • 60 % Paper (Group assignment)
  • 25 % Presentation (Separate grades)
  • 15 % Discussion
  • Participation is mandatory
Examiner(s) Prof. Dr. Reichert, Prof. Dr. Marina Schröder
Contact person sekretariat@wipol.uni-hannover.de (Sarah Windolph)
Group Assignments and Topics
Group assignment Possible
Group size 1-2
Group formation Preference-based and drawn at random
Topics The list can be found here.
Assignment of topics Preference-based and drawn at random
Initial registration Participation in the seminar requires the registration via StudIP from 30th of Match (midday) until April 11th (see details below).
Process Schedule
Initial registration / application

March 30th from 12:00 (midday) until April 11th until 12:00 (midday)

Registration will be possible in StudIP during the registration period via this link:  https://studip.uni-hannover.de/dispatch.php/course/details?sem_id=8038a1b980055a7c4495131711d7859e&again=yes

(a maximum of 20 students, 5 students on waiting list; first come, first serve)
Initial discussion / topic discussion / kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting: 12.04.2023 from 12:45-14:15, Room: 332 (1501)

Calendar week 19-20: individual appointments with supervisor to discuss topic/paper

Topic assignment In Kick-off meeting.
Formal (binding) registration Subsequent to kick-off meeting
Commencement of seminar paper

Subsequent to formal registration

Submission of seminar paper July 17th until midnight
Submission of presentation Day before presentation at noon.
Presentation 20.06.2023 from 10:30-16:00 in room 115 (1503) and 22.06.2023 from 09:00-16:00 in room 112 (1501)