Peer-reviewed journals

  • Bühler, D., Sharma, R., & Stein, W. (2020): Occupational Attainment and Earnings in Southeast Asia: The Role of Non-cognitive SkillsLabour Economics, 67, 101913
    DOI: 10.1016/j.labeco.2020.101913

Non-Reviewed Journals

  • Klühs, T., Koch, M. & Stein, W. (2020): Household over-indebtedness is related to high income expectations and eased lending, ["Haushaltsüberschuldung hängt mit zu hohen Einkommenserwartungen und gelockerter Kreditvergabe zusammen", published in German]DIW Weekly Report (DIW Wochenbericht), 11, 175-181.
  • Klühs, T., Koch, M. & Stein, W. (2020): In the debt trap, ["In der Überschuldungsfalle", published in German]Makronom - Online magazine for economic policy (Online-Magazin für Wirtschaftspolitik) More Info

Discussion Papers and Work in Progress

  • Bühler, D., Sharma, S. & Stein, W. (2020): Validation of the Big Five model in rural developing economies – Evidence from Thailand and Vietnam, TVSEP Working Paper No. 021. | File |
  • Stein, W., & Weisser, R. A. (2020): Observing traumatic events: Indirect effects of flood shocks on well-being and preferences, Discussion Paper 678, Hannover Economic Papers (HEP). | File |
  • Klühs, T., Koch, M., & Stein, W. (2019): Don't Expect Too Much - High Income Expectations and Over-Indebtedness, Discussion Paper 200, CRC TRR 190. | File |