The professors of the Institute of Economic Policy are pleased to welcome you to the Institute of Economic Policy for your Bachelor or Master thesis. Below you will find a selection of topics. If you are interested in one of them, please contact our contact person at an early stage (at least two weeks before the official registration deadline; BT: June 30th or December 30th of the 6th semester; MT: usually March 30th).


We are looking for students with interest in the following topics:

  • Topic: Research and transfer
    • External and internal university governance
    • Incentive structures in science
    • Regional effects of universities
  • Topic: Higher education
    • Returns to education: Measurement, empirical evidence and heterogeneity
    • Studying during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Topic: Migration
    • Citizenship and the assimilation of migrants
    • Language skills
    • Transferability of human capital
    • Acculturation in the broader sense (segregation, integration, assimilation)
  • Topic: Development economics
    • Indebtedness of households and life satisfaction in Thailand
    • Poverty dynamics and sustainable development in Southeast Asia - What role do parental demands and expectations play for their children?
  • Topic: Decision theory
    • Decision rules for group decisions
    • Collective rationality and collective knowledge
    • Vagueness and supervaluation
  • Topic: Covid-19 pandemic
    • Socio-political impact of the Covid-19 pandemic
    • Effects of the Corona Crisis on private indebtedness


If you want to write your master thesis in the field of "Applied Economic Policy", we expect you to have:

  • A clear economic policy focus of the thesis
  • A quantitative empirical or theoretical analytical approach
  • A research-oriented question
  • "Economic Policy and Theory" or "Empirical Economics and Econometrics" as major or minor
  • Successful completion of the courses "Econometric Methods" and "Foundations of Economic Policy"
  • Topics
    • The economics of crime
    • Cost-benefit-analysis and crime prvention
    • Prosocial behavior
    • Bystander behavior
    • Education, Training and Health
    • Volunteering and age – unused potentials?
    • Educational expansion and monetary returns to education
    • Higher education and social inequality
    • Collective decisions
    • Collective rationality and knowledge
    • Green Microfinance
    • Social market economy (see below: Master thesis scholarship)

    An autonomous development of research questions in the supervised topics is preferable.

In the field of "Innovation Economics" the following topics can be chosen from:

  • Topics
    • Experimental study on the effects of incentives (Exp)
    • Experimental studies in innovation economics (Exp)
    • Working from home and innovation
    • Tax incentives and innovation
    • Discrimination and innovation

    (Exp) experiments


Information on design of academic research papers and seminar presentations
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